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VP is an ideal venue for events such as weddings, reunions, yoga retreats, and many others...



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VP Sunset Ocean Views

Check for availability and find pricing.  VP may be rented as a 4 bedroom, 5 bedroom, 6 bedroom or up to 9 bedroom private estate....

8 Bedrooms, 8.5 Bathrooms, over 10,000 square feet of living space, a HUGE pool, sunset ocean views, and your own private chef....

Welcome to the Villa Pelicano Private Estate...

You've been planning your trip to Costa Rica for ages.  You've done your research: Manuel Antonio is the best place for your group in Costa Rica. By fortune (or good marketing), you found the Villa Pelicano Private Estate--a perfect option for your entire group--and made your reservation. There's a little apprehension; you've never done this before.  Will everything work out smoothly?  Will you actually get a chance to relax this trip?

Even before you arrive in Costa Rica, or Manuel Antonio, or Villa Pelicano Private Estate--your fears are laid to rest by your concierge, who has answered your every question and quelled your every concern.  Now, upon arrival, she is there to greet the group and introduce you to this incredible property.  As you and the others take in the breathtaking views, the chef introduces himself and serves some guacamole and chips to tide you off until dinner.   As your bags are unloaded you realize that yes--you are going to get to relax this trip!

The greatest thing about VP is: coming back.  Imagine... you've spent the day doing more activity than you've had in weeks: a canopy tour and superman zipline in the morning, followed by a great day at the beach.  You purposefully left the last couple of hours in the afternoon to enjoy the villa and view.  A couple of quick laps in the pool refreshes you, and gets you ready for an amazing sunset.  Chef Carlos has more appetizers ready.  By then the most important question becomes: Shall you nestle down on one of the loungers outside the room and read your book?  Or join the others for a drink by the pool?  Or perhaps a stroll down to the orchid garden for some privacy?  

Tough decisions... but ones need to be made, nonetheless.  At least dinner's menu was already decided.  Tonight you'll have to decide on tomorrow's menu, but with the concierge's help the toughest part of the trip becomes getting to your activities on time!

VP offers more than just a beautiful property and a gorgeous view: It offers a stress-free experience!

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Villa Pelicano Private Estate 

Manuel Antonio Rental Villas & Costa Rica Holiday Lettings

Groups, Weddings & Yoga Retreats.  Chef Included!

10,000+ sq feet | 5 acres | Sleeps 8 to 22 | Hosts up to 60